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Most of the articles on these WebPages have been written by godly men with a central belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. However as with most of us, they may have different beliefs concerning some particular doctrines. These articles have been made available for the purpose of “gleaning the good” where good can be found. I do not necessarily endorse all that is written by others, anymore than I expect others to endorse all that I write.



The Gospel


Elder Bill Allen





              All Articles are arranged in alphabetical order


A Consistent Message of Salvation
A Experiment in Absurdities
A Way of Escape
Ancient Testimony
Church Growth

Election, Adoption, Sonship, and Discipleship

Meditations on Philippians
Only The Primitive Baptist
Ordained to Eternal Life
Prevenient Grace
The End of The Law
The Sufficiency of Preaching
Those That Oppose Themselves
When Pain Shall End