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Most of the articles on these WebPages have been written by godly men with a central belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. However as with most of us, they may have different beliefs concerning some particular doctrines. These articles have been made available for the purpose of “gleaning the good” where good can be found. I do not necessarily endorse all that is written by others, anymore than I expect others to endorse all that I write.



Golden Nuggets of Truth


Elder Ralph Harris





All Articles Are Arranged in Alphabetical Order by Title



A Difference Between Fools  
A Faithful and Beloved Brother  
A Good Warfare  
A Great Saviour  
A Heavenly Host  
A Lady Who Could Not Sleep  
A Little Lady With a Heavy Heart  
A Million Guesses  
A Morsel For the Soul Number 9  
A Plague Among Us  
A Proof of Discipleship  
A Question About Cremation  
A Sad Decline  
A Stranger Here  
A System of Bondage  
A Thing Impossible  
A View of Christ on The Cross  
A Vital Key  
A Weak Deity  
Able to Deliver  
Accepted in The Beloved  
According to God's Purpose  
Acknowledge Him  
All The Elect Raised to Life  
All Things in Common  
All Things  
An Endless Store of Grace  
An Evident Truth  
Astronaut Did Not See God  
Bars of Fellowship  
Before Abraham Was I AM  
Better to Know Before We Speak  
Born of God  
Born of Water  
Cast Down  
Christ The All Sufficient Saviour  
Contempt For God  
Deserving Folks Would Not Need Saving  
Enoch's Walk With God  
A Eternal Life Cannot Be Lost  
Few Can Hear and Understand  
Forever Satisfied  
Gifts of God  
God Cannot Lie  
God Has No Needs  
God is  
God Says Worship Me in Spirit and in Truth  
God's People Can Not Be Finally Lost  
God's Way Cannot Be Improved Upon  
God's Way of Salvation  
God's Will Not Mans  
God's Works Come First  
He Shall Save His People  
He That Knoweth God Heareth Us  
Hearing and Believing  
Heavens Glorious Appeal  
Herein is Love  
His Greatness is Unsearchable  
His Precious Blood  
Hope - A Precious Gift  
Hope That is Seen is Not Hope  
How Blessed  
In No Case  
It is The Spirit That Quickens  
It Matter What We Believe  
It Will Be Me  
Jesus Blessed Jesus  
Just One More Day  
Love Shed Abroad in Our Hearts  
Made Accepted in The Beloved  
Man Without God  
Me and The Lord  
Millions Left Out  
Money Can't Buy Happiness  
Much People  
My Kingdom is Not of This World  
No Good in The Flesh  
No One But God  
No Place to Quit  
Nugget Number 201  
Obedience to The Truth  
Obey God Rather Than Men  
Objections Removed  
Only One Salvation  
Only God Shows Mercy  
Our Great and Merciful Benefactor  
Praying Submissively  
Proud Boasting  
Raised and Glorified by The Power of God  
Reverential Affection for God  
Ruined by One Saved by Another  
Saved by Grace Alone  
Seeking Great Things  
Shewing The Lord's Death  
Some Confused Folks  
Special People  
Spiritual Blessings  
Spiritual Thirst is of God  
Straying Ones Corrected  
That Which is Highly Esteemed  
The Author Known and Loved  
The Best Way to Lighten The Rod  
The Cart Before The Horse  
The Devil's Counterfeits  
The Duration of God's Love  
The Expression of Love  
The Friend of Sinners  
The God of All Flesh  
The Head out of Tune With The Heart  
The Lord Already Knows  
The Lord Perpetuates His Church  
The Lord's Hand is Not Shortened  
The Main Thrust of Popular Religion  
The Only Way  
The Purpose of The Gospel  
The Reason Why Many Fall Away  
The Sad State of Unbelievers  
The Sovereignty of God  
The Works of The Great Engineer  
Thoughts on The Christ  
Times Swift Passage  
To Live is Christ  
To Whom Was The Great Commission Given  
Troubles Turned to Blessings  
Two Basic Religions  
Walk by Faith  
We Walk by Faith  
Weak But Strong  
Where Do They Go  
Who Can Turn Him  
Whom He Did Foreknow  
Why Should They Grumble  
Wickedness in Every Age