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Following Jesus' Steps Timeline


Elder Keith Ellis has produced a timeline of the Footsteps of Jesus. This printed document is over 8 feet long and 2 feet high. It highlights over 340 events, each with supporting verses from the King James Bible, documenting the ministry of our Lord. It takes an event from the earthly ministry of Jesus and shows at what point in time this event occurred and correlates these events between Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Simple color graphics are used on many of the points to help illustrate the thought being conveyed by the scripture. We have one laminated and framed in our fellowship hall. We believe this is a great teaching aid and  an excellent conversation starter.

You Must See this to Appreciate it.

Free to Download and Print


Printed out, it is over 8 feet Long and 2 feet High

Time Line is high resolution JPG Image Approx 12MB in size

Double Click Here to Open Time Line

Right Click Here to Download Time Line

Choose "save target as" and select a folder on your computer to save the image. Once the image is down loaded, open it in your favorite image editor or viewer. Remember it is 8 feet long and 2 feet tall, so you will have to use your zoom tool to view the time line.

Printing Instructions;

You will either need access to a printer that uses a 2ft roll of paper and print it as a fax using windows printing wizard with the dimensions of 24 inches tall x 98 inches long.


Or you can take the file you downloaded from our website on a CD or thumb drive to Kinkos, (or other local  print shop) and tell them the dimensions and have them print it for you.


I would recommend getting it laminated for protection. Kinkos can do it for you.