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Most of the articles on these WebPages have been written by godly men with a central belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. However as with most of us, they may have different beliefs concerning some particular doctrines. These articles have been made available for the purpose of “gleaning the good” where good can be found. I do not necessarily endorse all that is written by others, anymore than I expect others to endorse all that I write.



Saved by Grace


Elder Sonny Pyles

Audio Sermons




All MP3 audio sermons are arranged in alphabetical order


100 Percent Blessings in The Gospel
5 S Tonics of The Scriptures
A Better Resurrection
Abraham Believed God
Abraham Isaac and Jacob
Adam Compared to Christ
Addicted to The Ministry of The Saints
A Good Name
Always That Seemeth Right
Aptitude, Attitude and Altitude
Are Primitive Baptist Evangelistic?
Ascension of Christ
Barren Women
Be Transformed Not Conformed
Behaving in The House of God
Better Hope
Better Resurrection
Beware of False Prophets
Biblical Mother
Birth Belief And Baptism
Blessed Are They That Sow Beside All Waters
Blessed For Christ Sake
Blessed For Others Sake
Blessings of Old Age When Walking With God
Blind Man
Book of Isaiah - Bible Within The Bible
Bread of The Gospel
Broken Cisterns
Burdens of God's People
By Little By Little
Caught Up Into Heaven
Cause And Effect
Charity 2
Christ And The Living Word
Christ After Order Of Melchisedec
Christ Rules and Reigns Today
Christ First Coming and Return - Reasons
Condescension of Christ
Constructive and Destructive Criticism
Cost of Discipleship
Creation Verses Evolution
Determined Counsel
Devices of Satan
Different Types of Children
Divine Preservation of The Bible
Early Morning Risers
Earnest Expectation
Enter Ye In At The Strait Gate
Ephesians 4:30
Expected End
Ezekiel Sat Where They Sat
Faith and True Sayings
Faith - Hebrews 11
False Christ's
Feast of Tabernacles
Five Deaths
For Jonathans Sake
Four Crucifixions
Four Deaths
Four Questions of Religion
Four Types of People
Four Ways of Chastisement
From The Cross To A Crown
Fruit Bearing
Gathered Unto His People
Godliness Without Controversy
God Maketh The Heart Soft
God Putteth The Solitary in Families
God's Measuring Standard
God's Right Hand Man
God's Standard For Successful Preachers
God's Thoughts And Expectations
God's Two Major Covenants
Grace For Lot, Jacob,  Samson, And  Davids Sins
Grace Unexpected
Grave Full - Worship Empty
Great Mystery of Godliness
Growth In Grace
Harmony Of Science And Theology
Hebrews 11
Hebrews 2
He Giveth More Grace
Here Comes The Groom
He Religion Verses It Religion
Him Declare I Unto You
Holy Things Made With Hands
Hope 2
How Dead People Speak
I AM The Way The Truth And The Life
Identify Ruling Spirits
In Christ
In Thee Is The Fountain Of Life
Involuntary and Voluntary Obedience
Isaac Portrait of Christ 1
Isaac Portrait of Christ 2
Isaac Portrait of Christ 3
Isaiah 26:10
Isaiah - Bible Within The Bible
Isaiah - Three Looks
Is First Place Best?
I Shall Not Be Moved
I Stand In Awe Of The Bible
It Verses He
Jesus Christ The Deliverer
Jesus Never Lost An Argument
Jesus Saved- Yes Or No?
John 13
Joseph - Figure of Christ
Joy Of The Unknown
Kindness For The Sake Of Others
King Asa
Kingdom Of Heaven
Knowing The Terror Of The Lord We Persuade Men
Last Will And Testament Of Jesus Christ
Lazarus - Things Old And New
Let This Mind Be In You
Lien Among The Pots
Little By Little
Looking Beyond
Love, Charity, And His Name Shall Be called Wonderful
Luke - Passover And The Upper Room
Marriage References Found In The Bible
More Abundant Life
More Than One Salvation
Moses And The Rock
Mystery Made Known By Revelation
Natural Creation
Natural, Spiritual, And Judicial Blindness
Nature And Nurture
Necessity of Killing
Office of Deacon
Old Age - Ecclesiastes 12
One Day Away - Three Days Back
One In Unity
One Step From Death
One Way Mirror
Only One Way
Ought Not Christ To Have Suffered These Things
People Being Justified In The Sight Of Christ
Personal Salvation
Prayers Of Christ
Pressure To Produce
Proverbs 24
Proverbs 30
Psalm 22
Putting In Remembrance
Questions Of Romans 8
Rain - God's Use Of
Reactions to The Gospel
Real Reasons For Parables
Romans 12
Sacrifice For One - Man, Family, Nation. World
Salvation Joy and Security
Sanctified Preserved And Called
Satan - The Strong Man Armed
Science So Called
Seven Cities Of Refuge
Seven Commandments To Come To The Lord
Seven Shalls of Messianic Prophecy
Shadows Of The Scriptures
Short Remarks About Primitive Baptist Missionary Opposition
Sight on The Cross
Signs Of The Times
Simon Bar Jona And Jonah
Sin Is A Sickness
Sin Of The Saints
Small Things
Son - Go To Work Today In My Vineyard
Sowing Wheat
Spirit Of Discouragement
Spiritual With Spiritual
Standard of Judgments
Stripping Jesus
Submitting to Authority
Talking Dead People
Teaching His Children
Temptations Of Life
The Abundant Life
The Anointing Oil Of The Holy Spirit
The Book Bible
The Christian Soldier
The Determined Paths Of Christ
The Final Preservation Of The Saints
The Four Gospels
The Four Most Dangerous Books Of The Bible
The Hammer Of God's Word
The Hour Of Man And The Power Of Darkness
The Hour Of The Son Of Man
The Importance Of The Resurrection
The Long Route - Tending Sheep
The Lord's Pleasure
The New Birth
The Potters Power Over The Kingdom Of Heaven
The Presence Of God
The Right Hand of God
The Seven Feast
The Shalls' Of The Bible
The Sheep Of God
The Spirit Not Spiritual
The Steps Between Me And Death
The Swelling Of Jordan
The Third Day
The Two Calendars of Israel
The Voice Of The Holy Ghost
The Way Truth And Life
The Wicked Have No Changes
The Woman At The Well
Things I Have That God Does Not Have
This World - That World
Three Books That Declare God's Glory
Three Essential Facts
Three Kinds Of Expectations
Time Brevity Sure -Measure
To Whom Do We Preach And Where Do We Preach?
Trials Of God's People
True Death Of Christ
Two Counsels
Two Powerful Witnesses To The Truth
Two Witnesses
Types Of Servants
Understanding John 5
Under The Sun
Undeservingly For The Sake Of Others
Was Peter The First Pope?
Ways We Belong To Christ
We All Do Fade As A Leaf
Weapons Of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal
What Happened In Between?
What Is That In Thine Hand
What Is Truth?
What We Sow Is What We Reap
What Then?
What Do We See Now?
Why Baptize?
Why Do We Have Four Gospels?
Wild Asses Colt
Wild Asses Colt 2
Will All The Elect Hear The Gospel?
Wine, Oil, And Bread
Word Of God Rightly Divided
Word Of The Lord Not Straightened
Word Of Reconciliation
Ye Have Forgotten
Ye Shall Have Tribulation
You Are A Prisoner