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Most of the articles on these WebPages have been written by godly men with a central belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. However as with most of us, they may have different beliefs concerning some particular doctrines. These articles have been made available for the purpose of “gleaning the good” where good can be found. I do not necessarily endorse all that is written by others, anymore than I expect others to endorse all that I write.

   Morning Thoughts by Elder Philip Conley

Job 24:22, "He draweth also the mighty with his power: he riseth up, and no man is sure of his life."

This morning, I consider all the things that man is sure of or thinks that he is sure of. The Bible speaks of only the things of God being sure. His testimonies, promises, covenants, riches, grace, mercy, truth, and judgments are all sure. They are something that we can "take to the bank." For they are sure, have always been sure, and will always be sure. However, man many times fails to see the sureness of God and His attributes.

However, one thing that man feels sure of most of the time is his life.  Especially when young, man thinks that he is invincible. He thinks that his life is secure and safe. Nevertheless, Job says that no man is sure of his life. When we hop in the car to drive to the store, our lives are in jeopardy. When we are in comfort of our homes, our lives are in jeopardy.  Christ called a man in Luke 12 a fool for being at ease and comfortable, because his soul would be
required of him that very night.  

Our lives are not certain, and we often cannot take thought for tomorrow while it is today. The ONLY way that our lives are spared is by God's guiding hand upon us. We have been hedged about like Job was, and we should be ever prayerful that the Lord would always guide us for what time we have on this low ground of sin and sorrow.  Truly, we have a desire to depart and be with Christ, but for this present time, there are things more needful right here.

In Hope,

Bro Philip