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I would be the first person to tell you that God needs no money to secure the eternal destiny of His elect. That price was paid in full at Calvary when Jesus shed His precious blood to appease God's wrath on the behalf of His children. We know the efforts of man  add nothing to the eternal salvation of God's elect. Jesus finished the work of redemption in a perfect manner and we know that we can find rest in that reality.

That being said, for the purpose of feeding the sheep God has created, sharing the good news of how great things God has done for His people, could use your prayer support and financial assistance as we endeavor to take the gospel of the grace of God around the world by way of our internet  / video ministry. With your assistance we hope to add many more quality videos to the video library as well as increase the number of written articles in the electronic library along with other enhancements to our website.

From time to time I am notified personally by people who have found the Old Baptist Church through our ministry. I am sure that there are others that I never hear about. Below is the testimony of Brother Ricky Blair  from Mountain Home PBC in North Carolina that was posted on my Face book page in response to a video I produced about 5 years ago entitled "How to Get saved"

Ricky Blair Wrote: A little over 4 years ago I came across this video on the internet. I had never been to a Primitive Baptist Church never heard a PBC sermon never even met a Primitive Baptist that I know of. My father and I watched this video together we both just laughed, not because we thought it was stupid or ridiculous, but because somehow we knew it was true. I told my Dad I don`t know where a Primitive Baptist church is but I will be at one tomorrow morning. I found Mountain home PBC website in Asheville NC and was there the next morning which was sunday. I wake up every morning thinking about the Gospel and go to bed thinking about the Gospel, I cant tell it enough and I cant hear it enough. My Father was baptized into the church about 2 years before he passed away, he rejoiced in the gospel everyday, my wife and daughter have also been baptized into the church also. So this sermon has a very critical part in the salvation we have in the Gospel that we love so much So thanks so much for the sermon I never heard. You may never preach a better sermon.

God Bless you Brother Ricky.

We humbly thank God for the good news that this ministry is being used by The Lord  and His people are being converted to the truth of salvation by grace and are finding homes in Primitive Baptist Churches all across the country.

If you have received a blessing from any of our feeble efforts to feed the sheep of God around the world, please prayerfully consider helping us with a one time gift or on a monthly basis.

Please send your help to:

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or snail mail to"

Elder Keith Ellis

10145 Mount Pheasant Rd.

Fort Worth TX, 76108

God Bless you and thank you for your prayers and financial assistance., Primitive Baptist Videos Vimeo Channel and , Elder Keith Ellis Word of Sovereign Grace You Tube Channel, and Face Book page Elder Keith Ellis are all ministries of Elder Keith Ellis.