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McCarty, Frank

Christ Has Made You Free
Heirs And Joint Heirs

Psalm 89


McClain, Lowell
Matthew 5, 1988


McCool, Tim

Church History
Church History 4/29/2008
Election: NOT a "Do-Nothing" Doctrine!
Go With What You Know (Job)
Positive Effects of Election and Predestination
Preserved to Serve 
The Preacher: Steward, Servant, Soldier
Why You Should Be a Primitive Baptist
Ye are the salt of the earth!


McDaniel, Buddy
Kept In Jesus, Jude 1,2 - 7/5/2009


McDonald, Thomas
Exercising Forgiveness 10/25/2009 (video)
Pass The Plate – Not 3/23/2010 (video)
Principalities and Powers 6/27/2009 (video)
Save Me Now 5/8/2010 (video)
The Impeccability of Christ 12/23/2007 (video)


McGrady, Michael
Daniel 4:1 Peace Be Multiplied


McGrady, Monroe
Preaching 9/1963, Opening by Delmon Nester


McIntyre, Roy
Preaching, singing

The Resurrection


McLamb, James
Preaching - 3/30/1985


Melvin, John
Anger Management 5/25/2008
Judgment, Repentance & Restoration, 6/5/2002
Our God Reigns, 6/22/2008
What, Me Worry?


Metzinger, Randy
Preaching at the West Texas Association, 1988


Miller, C. W.
Preaching, 1955 Ebenezer Association, VA


Mills, C. M.
Epistle of Jude
Exposition on Luke 10:25-37, 4/1961
The Lord's Supper + Feetwashing

When God Blew The Trumpet


Milner, Steve
Study to Stand Strong


Ming, Percy
Take My Yoke Upon You

Wells of Salvation


Mizell, John
Comfort Ye My People
Treasure In Heaven


Monsees, J. A.
15 Years After Eld. Bradley Joined The Church
Comfort Ye My People, 1960 - Thomas Mann Opening

When Eld. Bradley Joined The Church


Montgomery, Hugh
Isaiah 53
Praise Ye The Lord 7/4/2008 (video)
These Three Are One 10/10/2005 (video)
To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice, 1 Samuel 15:22
Trust In The Lord 7/10/2009 (video)


Montgomery, Mike
Absolute Truth 1/10/2009 (video)
Building Upon The Foundation 12/6/2008 (video)

Election 6/28/1998 (Video)

For We Must Die 3/7/1999 (Video)

Justification 5/10/2008 (video)
Propitiation 5/2/2009 (video)
Shadow of Good Things to Come (video) 4/26/1998
The Everlasting Covenant 11/5/1995 (video)
The Impeccable Christ 6/14/1997 (Video)


Montgomery, Tim


Moore, Fletcher
Romans 8:1, at New Fellowship - VA., 9/11/1965


Moran, Robert
Romans 9:6


Morris, Kemmey
Give Me Jesus 6/20/2010 (Video)


Moseley, Asa
God is Light

Justification and Righteousness, Romans 1:15-17


Moseley, Bill
His Authority, Ability and Accomplishments 7/1/1995 (Video)
Predestination Times Three 4/17/2010 (video)

Seven Judgments Against Christ 4/17/2010 (video)
The Prodigal Son 10/2/1993 (Video)
What A Friend In Jesus 10/2/1993 (Video)


Mosley, Mike
Your Proximity To Jesus 9/26/2009 (video)


Mozingo Sr., Lonnie
An Expected End 6/13/1997 (Video)
Where Will You Spend Eternity? 2/17/1995

Your Works Will Follow You, Smokey Mtn - 1997


Mozingo, Andy
A Sure Salvation-9/6/2009PM


Mullins, Michael
Justification by Faith & Works


Ndalima, Obey

Note:  One site has his name as Obey Ndalima Mwakalonge

All Spiritual Blessings
All Spiritual Blessings, Ephesians 1:3
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

"Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" Intro Sam Bryant
Rock Of Ages

Romans 10:1-3
Romans 10:1-3


Newman, Jerry
Who Is This? The Gentile Church, Song of Solomon 8:5


Newsome, Herb
God's Governance of His Creation
God's Governance Of His Creation, 2 Chronicles 7:13-14
Identity Of The True Jews

Identity of True Jews, 10/18/2009

Nichols, John

Nowell, Clayton
God Is Faithful-6/27/2009AM
Walk Worthy
What Shall We Say To These Things, Romans 8:28-31


Odom, Sammy
All Things Work Together For Good 5/19/2008PM


Onyoni, Martin
Matthew 19:16-26
The WORD of God


Oresta, Franklin
Preaching 9/15/1990


Oxley, John
Sufferings of Christ


Painter, Dolph


Parker, Daniel
1 Corinthians 2:7
Ephesians 4
No Title
We Have A Strong City, Isaiah 26:1 - 4/4/2009


Parker, Tony
Coming Short of Jesus’ Rest 7/3/2009 (video)

Preaching, 2/22/1998


Parks, Guy
Exodus 14 - God's People out of Egypt


Patrick, Houston

Church Material


Phelan, Sonny
Ancient Landmarks
Encourage One Another 6/13/1997 (Video)
Psalm 95:6-7


Phillips, Joe
Preaching at the West Texas Association, 1988


Piles, Ray
The Gospel


Poe, Jim
Fear Not Little Flock

I Go Fishing


Poplin, H. L.
Evil Surmisings, 1 Timothy 6:4, April 1961

The Sceptre of thy Kingdom, 1981


Porter, Steve
The Glorious Gospel 6/19/2010 (Video)

Pressley, Raymond
At bear Creek Association
Opening Prayer at Bear Creek Association 1980

Quarles, Mark
Pray, Pray, Pray 10/31/2008 (video)

Rakes, J. R.
Mark 5

Preaching at Florida Fellowship, 11-12-1976

Psalm 18:35, “Thy Gentleness Hath Made Me Great”

These Words Spake Jesus, John 17:1
Two Thieves


Randall Jr., Elas
This Jesus

Ratcliff, Cornish


Reconciliation - Side 2


Raulerson, Hylton

Redman, Hollie
Daniel In The Den Of Lions


Richards, Afton
Be Strong In The Lord, 1981

The Cross, 1969

The Love Of God, 1969

Wages Of Sin Is Death, 1969


Richards, Mark
Amazing Grace 7/5/2008 (video)

Fellowship Of The Gospel 11/6/2009 (video)

Forgiveness As Reasonable Service, 5/2/2009

God Is Great 11/1/2008 (video)

The Doctrines Of Grace
The Sovereignty of God 10/29/1995 (Video)

The Wisdom Of God In The Gospel
They Need Not Depart 8/2/2008 (video)
Two Different Views of Christ 7/12/1998 (Video)


Ritch, Armond
"For as in Adam All Die...", 1 Cor 15:22


Robbins, John
At Bear Creek Association, 9/17/1988


Robbins, Kenneth
Colossians 3:1-2

Ephesians 6, 9/14/1991


Roberts, Mike
Jesus Is Alive 1/28/2007AM Bethel  

Signs Of Jesus 1/28/2007


Rodgers, Michael H.
Called Of God
The Good Samaritan 9/26/2009 (video)

Rooker, Glen
Nehemiah The Cup Bearer 10/2/1993 (Video)

Roundtree, Tommy
A Man Approved of God, Acts 2:22 - 7/23/1993

John 6:37
The Pharisee & The Publican, Luke 18


Rowell, Mark
Choice 6/26/2010 (Video)
God Remembers, 9/27/1997

Herein Is Love 9/27/2008AM (video)

I AM The Way 11/1/2008 (video)

Proving God 5/29/2010 (video)
The Humiliation & Exaltation of Christ, Hebrews 1:1-4


Rowell, Ward
Atonement 9/27/2008PM (video)

Imputation (2009) (video)

Lead Me To The Rock 10/31/2008 (video)
Perfection Of The Saints 5/7/2010 (video)

Preach The Gospel, 1/2007

Remember These Things 10/30/2009 (video)

Resurrection Reality 5/1/2010AM (video)

Sifted As Wheat 7/3/2009 (video)

Suffering 5/9/2008PM (video)


Rushing, James
The Spirit World Pt 2


Rushing, Owen
Clap Your Hands 10/17/2009 (video)

Fashioned By Grace (2009) (video)

Russell, Lynn
Isaiah 32

The Church


Sacran, Louis
Lessons From Genesis – 5/9/2010AM
The Truth About Diversity – 5/9/2010PM

Sacran, Tommy
Be Encouraged - 10/24/2010AM
The Kindness of the King - 2 Samuel 9 - 12/19/2010Afternoon


Sammons, Chuck
John 5:25, Bethel Camp Meeting, 07/20/96


Sammons, Julius
Testimony Of The 70 Disciples, 9/20/1987


Sammons, Wiley
Victory Through Jesus


Sandage, Charles
Living Separated Lives 8/8/1993 (Video)
Preach The Gospel To Every Creature, Mark 16:15

What Advantage Then Hath The Jew? Romans 3:1 - 1997


Sandage, Ralph
1 Corinthians 15:1- Smokey Mtn-1997


Sarber, Jeremy
Crash Course on Eternal Salvation, Romans 8


Sarber, Tommy
Scott, John
Numbers 13, 07/01/2000

Seekford, Benjamin
Isaiah 55

Shafer, Dwayne
Unconditional Love
Shamblin, H. B. 
Primitive Baptist Sermons


Simpson, E. H.
Opening Prayer, Bear Creek Association, 9/18/1982


Sims, Steve
Our Hope 2/28/1999 (Video)


Smith, Sidney Charles (Chuck)
Ezekiel 37 "Valley of Dry Bones"
The Baptist Movement


Smith, C. E.
John 3:16

The Power Of The Gospel, 1966

Smith, Charles
Election, Romans 9:10, 1976

Salvation Is Of The Lord, Ephesians 1, 1979


Smith, Frank
Church Government
Isaiah 51:1

Smith, Kenny
Amos 9:10, 11/2009

Smith, Ron
Knowing God 5/1/2010Afternoon (video)

Smoot, John William
John 6:36-39, At Enon Church, W.V., 9/25/1955

South, Floyd
The Rock Christ

Spear, Maecellus
Romans 8

Speir Sr., Elzie
Acts 4:23, Authority & Preaching of the Apostles

Speir, Roy
Although He Maketh It Not To Grow

Oh How Sweet is Jesus, 1979


Preaching 3/29/1983

Preaching 3/30/1985

Stack, F. W.
I Lay Down My Life

Romans 8:28 - At Black Rock, MD
The Bride Of Christ
The New Covenant
Things Above, Colossians 3:1 6/5/2002
What Is Man?

Stamper, James
The End of Jesus' Ministry

We Would See Jesus

Stanaland, J. C.
An Evening Of Joy & Sorrow, 8/2009

Believeth 10/31/2008 Taylors Creek
Believeth 11/1/2008AM Taylors Creek

Believeth 11/1/2008Aft
Believeth 11/2/2008AM
Joy In The House Of The Lord 10/1/2006PM
Nevertheless - 2 Timothy 2:19 5/1/2004
Plow And Harvest
The Righteous Also Shall Hold His Way 6/26/09AM FWC

Valleys In The Lives Of The Children Of God

Stanaland, Vernis
Joy In The House Of The Lord 10/1/2006PM
Truth Has Fallen In The Street

Staten, Carl
How Can I Except Some Man Should Guide Me
What Things? Luke 24:13-27, 8/2009

Stephens, William
Preaching at Funeral of L. Pennington, 3/16/1997

Stephenson, Worth
At bear Creek Association
Romans 10:1-4
Timely Salvation, (Elder Bradley 1st part)

Stewart, Michael
Endurance, Hebrews 12:1-2 - July 2000

Still, Ken
Acceptable in Thy Sight, Psalm 19:14, 10/04/2009

Psalm 19:14

Stokes, D. B.
Job and the Devil, 2/8/1997


Strevel, Mike
1 Thessalonians  - 1 Thessalonians 1:4-5, 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14 – 4/11/2004AM

At Black Rock - Election John 15- 16
Laying Hold Of God’s Grace – John 1:29-36, Matthew 11:13 9/19/2004AM
Neither Give Place To The Devil, 8/19/1995

Strickland, Daniel
Ask For the Old Paths, Smokey Mtn Spring 2009

Stripland, Harley
Gospel Waters 10/17/2009 (video)
Grace and More Grace 10/18/2008 (video)
My Grace Is Sufficient 12/6/2008 (video)
Psalm 137

Stripland, Jesse
Mysteries Revealed, 10/29/2005

Stroupe, Paul
A Garden Enclosed

Stull, Andrew
My Experience 5/2/2009 (video)

Stumbaugh, Harold
Providence & Preservation

Seek Ye The Lord While He May Be Found, Isaiah 55:6-7

Sudduth, Albert
Eph 2:19 Blessed Hope

Swindell, Jerry
Moses Was Covered By The Blood 11/21/1993 (Video)
Purpose of The Gospel 1/23/1994 (Video)

Talley, Charles
Rom. 1:20, The Invisible Things of God

Taylor, James
Idolatry and Humanism

Taylor, Steve
A Surety Of A Better Testament 2/20/2005PM

Taylor, Tom
Patient Endurance/Saved To The Uttermost – Hebrews 7:25 – 1/2/2010

Save To The Uttermost – 1/3/2010AM

Temples, ManningPsalm 121:1-2

Thomas, Coy

Thomas, Troy
1 Corinthians 1:1-9 12/16/2007AM
1 Corinthians 3:14-4:2
1 Corinthians 3:9-15 5/18/2008

Thompson, Elvin
These Dry Bones, 9/19/1997

Thompson, F. E.
Go Unto Nineveh

He Called 12 Disciples Matthew 10

Thompson, H. L.
Good News From A Far Country

Thrower, John Henry
Friends 8/22/1980

Job’s Case
Pay Day Someday

Tillman, Richard
Job 5:16, The Poor Hath Hope
Rightly Dividing The Word

Tindall, R. A.
Isaiah 40

At Meadow Creek PB Church - 10/22/1987

Christ Faithful To God

Jeremiah 1:10, at West Texas Association 1988

The Blood of Jesus 6/1/1989
Three Measures Of Meal, Matthew 13:33, 6/1/1987

Tipton, Harold
Bishop Of Our Souls
Hosea 6:3
Hosea 6:3, side 2

Tolbert, W. A.
Home Meeting, at Emit Crosons, MD. 6/23/1957

Whom Do Men Say That I The Son Of Man AM? 1957

Tolley, S. T.
Active Obedience

Decree Of God


Isaiah 53:11 & General Judgment


Phillip And The Eunuch

Finding Grace


The Face Of God

The Kingdom Of Heaven, Matthew 13

The Laws Of God

Tungate, Larry

Turner Jr., Dale
The Fireworks Of God 7/5/2008 (video)

Turner, Rupert

Unknown Ministers
All My Salvation-204th Old Mill Anniversary
Ephesians 1

Preaching at Mt Zion Association 1980
The Proper Wedding Garment-Matthew 22-Cincinnati

Utz, Gary
John 8
Preaching 7/14/1990

Utz, Tolliver
He Has Made All Things Beautiful
Hebrews 12:1

Vass, R. P.
Can a Bride Forget Her Attire? 1963

Venable, Kenny
Godly Living
Truth 6/18/2010 (Video)

Venable, Vernon
Stand on the Foundation

Violet, Paul
Romans 10:1-18 / Mt. View PB Church

Walden, Bill
Stop Look and Listen 10/10/2009 (video)
The Temple, The Most Holy Place
Two Evils 7/10/2009 (video)

Walker, George
Born Of The Spirit 10/10/2009 (video)
Incline Your Ear and Hear, Isaiah 55:3
Life Giving Voice 5/8/2010 (video)
Rich Men 7/3/2009 (video)
The Gospel Of Grace 6/27/2009 (video)
Zacchaeus and Salvation 10/23/1998 (Video)

Walker, Weldon
The Other Ethiopian Eunuch 10/28/1995 (Video)

Wall, Robert L.
John 8:32 - 7/4/1976

Wallis, Hassel
Rising To God's Level of Thought

Warren, James

Watson, Don
Be Of Good Cheer 6/14/2008 (video)

Why No Musical Instruments 9/27/2008PM (video)

Wattenberger, Dave
Do Good & Communicate 5/1/2010Afternoon (video)

Weaver, Elmer
Matthew 24

Preaching 1981

Webb Jr., T. L.
Preaching 7/4/1997

Preaching at Mountain Creek, 10/27/1992

Preaching at Mountain Creek Church, 5/31/1996

Rest In The Lord

Weyel, Jody

Whitley, Brad
TidewaterWorldliness, 1 John 2:15

Whitten, Charles
We Would See Jesus, John 12:21

Wiggins, Leon
How Can These Things Be? 1972

Wilkerson, Steve
The Glory To Be Revealed 9/29/1995 (Video)

Wilkinson, Jerry
Blow Ye The Trumpet, Sound an Alarm, Joel 2:1

Willard, D. B.
The Name of Christ, 1960's

Willard, V. V.
All Scripture By Inspiration

Joy 8/09/2009

Psalm 65:1-4
That Your Joy May Be Full, 8/9/2009

Wise, Larry
Mighty Hand Of God - Isaiah 40:10-15 9/15/1974
Remember The Lord

Three 11/14/2010

Wolf, Larry
Crucifixion And Death Of Christ

The Gospel

Wood, Daniel
Judges 4,6,11

Men Who Lived By Faith, Judges 4,6,11

Woodruff, Cecil
Preaching at Bear Creek, 9/16/95

Woods, Steve
In The Days Of These Kings 11/6/2009 (video)

Worrell, Wilbur
A Marriage Made In Heaven, Part 1

Hebrews 6:1-6, Preaching - 8/9/1964 at Montview

Preaching at Pine Ridge, 3/1964
Preaching at Worrell Memorial, 5/1964

Wyatt, Raymond
God Chastens & Loves His People - Psalm 94:12 - 6/25/2005

Young, Pat
Action or Reaction 5/1/2010 (video)